Swiss Rock

Room 135

During the construction of the Madonna Inn, the old Alpine herdsman game of “Stone-throwing” or “Steinstossen” was rediscovered. Competitors would lift a stone above their heads before hurling it, being careful not to step over a line. Alex Madonna was Swiss, and his love for rocks is evident throughout the Inn. Stones gathered from the surrounding farmland were carefully positioned (not hurled) to create this unique setting. The rich, vibrant colors of the room are enhanced by the rock floors and distinctive furnishings. This room has a king bed and, you guessed it, a “rock” shower!

Room 135: Swiss Rock

This room is furnished with a king-sized bed.thumbnail

Seating Area



View of bathroom with stone shower and vanity.thumbnail

Building Location

Swiss Rock is located on the ground floor of Building 3thumbnail

Room Location

Diagram showing location of roomthumbnail