Guidelines & Details

Room Rental

When full meal service, or equivalent thereof, is purchased for at least 25 people, the room rental fees will be waived for a total of three hours.

Full meal service equivalency:

Before 2:00 p.m., a full meal is equivalent to $15.95* per person

After 2:00 p.m., a full meal is equivalent to $27.95* per person

Should the price of the meals per person be less than the prices listed above or there be less than 25 people in attendance, room rental fees will apply.

Facility Agreement

A $500 security deposit for facility rental and any equipment is due at time of signing that will be applied to the final master bill. The $500 security deposit is nonrefundable if you choose to cancel or change dates. Your reservation is not secured until the signed and initialed Facility Agreement has been returned to the Banquet Department.


ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Additional fees may apply if event is cancelled within 30 days of the function.

 Outside Food & Beverage

No food or beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, may be brought on to premise by the group or any of the guests, due to public health regulations, therefore all food and beverage must be purchased from Madonna Inn.

Corkage Fee

There is a $15.00* per bottle corkage fee.


There is a cake cutting fee is $3.50* per person if our bakery is not used.

Extra Service Fee

Madonna Inn reserves the right to apply a service charge to any items ordered for your function.

“To go” Policy

Any and all food items from appetizers or a buffet style set-up may not be taken in “to go” boxes from the premises.

Menu Selection

We highly recommend the selection of one entrée. However, if two entrées are selected it is requested that the exact number of each item is due five working days prior to your event. o Meal tickets are required for your function if you are offering two or more entrées for your function. Your group will be responsible for distributing these to your guests. These tickets are simple, listing only the food items chosen, and based on the guaranteed number. We must have your menu selection ten days prior to your function.

 Guarantee Number and Payment

During the initial planning of your event we request an estimated number of guests. A final guarantee is required five working days before the function. This guarantee is not subject to reduction. You will be financially responsible for 100% of your guarantee number or the actual number of guests served, whichever is greater. Payment for the event is required by five working days before the function. Payments may also be made in the weeks and months prior to the event and will show on the final master bill.

 Service Bar

There is a $125.00* set-up fee for bar/bartender service for any function requesting such a service. If bar sales reach $250.00 at any time during the event, this set-up fee is waived. This is for bar sales only and does not include wine service at tables. Service bars can be “hosted” with the total cost (individual cocktail orders based upon consumption) added to your master bill. Or a “no-host” can be available, allowing your guests to purchase their own beverages. All hosted service bars are subject to a 22% service charge, plus applicable sales tax. A wine table may also be open to your guests at your request. You may create your own personal wine selection from our extensive wine list.

 Customer Service Commitment

For your convenience we have three Banquet Managers to help you to plan your event; however we do not have an on-site Wedding Coordinator. Please ask about our detailed list of local, qualified coordinators, florists, DJs, photographers, officiates, etc. Specific approval will need to be attained by banquet management concerning access to the room before your designated time. Additional room rental charges will apply before or after exceeding the specified times stated in your contract.